Brandywine Medical Management Services Inc.

President's Profile

Doris L. Heher has over 29 years of Executive and Financial Healthcare Management experience. She served the first half of her career as a Hospital Director in Accounts Receivables in regional healthcare systems.  She gained the trust of CEO'S, CFO'S and Board Members with her performance, operational skills and strategic services in the Healthcare Industry. She then founded and became President and CEO of Brandywine Medical Management Services, Incorporated.


The Healthcare Industry's changing legislative landscape brings focus to the critical need for experienced professionals with Industry specific knowledge. Mrs. Heher graduated at Penn State with a degree in Business Administration and is a member of many professional organizations such as HFMA, RPA, ASN, NRAA, AAHAM and ACA.

"One of my passions is giving back to the community and helping others. I reside in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and my hobby is antiques and collectibles."