Brandywine Medical Management Services Inc.

Interface Technology

Access, Exchange and Interaction with Systems

Thanks to the sophistication of BMMSI's IT resources, BMMSI can offer multiple paths for the exchange and access of information between BMMSI's clients with varying degrees of interaction and exchange between BMMSI's systems and a client's. BMMSI has the capability of directly networking with a client in one of three ways, all of which are provided for the express purpose of making the clients' operations easier:  
1.     Exchange of demographics and accounts receivable information         between BMMSI and a client.

     BMMSI works with the clients' IT departments to locate and exchange key data needs for the billing of patient balances and accounts receivable follow up, and then importing that information into BMMSI's proven proprietary patient accounting and accounts receivable follow up system.

2.     Direct access to client systems via remote access technologies.

  BMMSI maintains the capability to make use of remote applications, be that via a VPN connection that enables direct access or a remote desktop / application resource such as Remote Desktop Services or Citrix based technologies.

3.     Implementation and hosting of a solution.

     In some cases, clients have opted to have BMMSI directly implement and host their billing and accounts receivable applications, and provide access to these applications via Remote Desktop Services. 

In all of the above cases, the estimated lead time between agreement and work beginning is 2 weeks, with the close collaboration of both parties' IT departments. All information transfers will be accomplished over secured communications or transport, with both parties having completed a Business Associate agreement that details a confirmation of compliance with HIPAA regulations.

BMMSI's IT infrastructure is designed for reliability, uptime and durability. BMMSI has implemented a redundant, virtualized solution that provides for the ability to adapt quickly to company and client needs, as well as the capability to survive multiple points of failure. This proves to be a solid assurance of BMMSI's ability to maintain and protect clients' information and revenue potential.

Method 1 : Exchange of demographics and accounts receivable information

The choice of method 1 includes the exchange of information regarding the layout of data in the systems that both parties use, so as to facilitate an expedient and accurate duplication of information required for the patient billing, accounts receivable follow up, and insurance billing or appeals where appropriate. BMMSI's IT team will work with the IT team of the client to ensure that both parties understand the requirements and complexities that may be involved in the process of either direct integration, or export and import from one system to another. Method 1 is most often chosen by clients who form a relationship with BMMSI for the collection of self-pay balances.

Brandywine Patient Accounting System, BMMSI's proven proprietary system, backed by the latest Oracle database technology will be the destination of the information required for handling accounts. This
system has been developed over the lifetime of the company, with the expertise of BMMSI's professional team f
or the express purpose of streamlining the billing and accounts receivable follow up process while providing the ability for in depth analysis and a broad range of customizable reporting. BMMSI provides a standard package of reports, but nearly any client reporting request can be met by BMMSI's analytics department. When insurance billing is a part of the client relationship, BMMSI will use the Zirmed clearinghouse in conjunction with the BPAS system. Any needed documentation for this purpose will be requested as part of the setup process. Additional fees may apply to customizations of reporting packages.

Method 2: Direct access to clients' systems

In instances where the client chooses to have BMMSI work directly out of the client's existing system, BMMSI's IT department will work with the client's IT department to ensure that all needs of BMMSI's workers are met in terms on connectivity, accessibility and usability. This includes the setup and testing of any connection types that may be used.  BMMSI's has experience with a wide variety of connectivity scenarios and solutions, and can provide consult on any project of this type such as:


  • A VPN connection from BMMSI's offices to that of the client.

  • Appropriate applications, be those used over a VPN or remote access service.

  • Access and configuration to Remote Desktop Services, Citrix Metaframe, or other remote application access services.

When insurance billing is a part of the client relationship when using this method, BMMSI will use the client's own system or access to the client's existing clearinghouse for billing purposes.

Method 3: Implementation and hosting of a solution

In some cases, a client may opt to have BMMSI implement, host and provide access to a solution that best fits the client's needs. In such a case, BMMSI will implement, host and maintain a solution while providing access to the client via Remote Desktop Services. This scenario is most often chosen by clients who have contracted with BMMSI to provide complete back office and revenue cycle management functions. The use of Remote Desktop Services allows BMMSI to offer access to hosted solutions from any location with sufficient internet access, while delivering the performance and capability of having a locally installed and managed infrastructure. The additional benefit for the client with this method is the reduced cost of maintenance, backups and IT personnel in house.

In scenarios with clinical billing, the Medisoft product line will be used in conjunction with the Zirmed clearing house. Additional fees may apply in this scenario.